Wednesday, September 12, 2012

My Finished Craft Room

I know it's been a little while since I 
wrote a post, but...
I have been working very hard getting
my craft room together.
I have finally got it to a point that I can 
walk in and start a project.

And I know as I go along, 
 I will rearrange,
and probably rearrange again.
To get it where I want it to be.
(but that's just who I am.)

So even though I say I am done
with setting up my craft room, well
I'm kinda not.  
But I wanted to show you some pictures
of what I've got done.

Please excuse the dust, It's taken me 
so long to get it set up that I just wanted to
take pictures to share with you.

This picture is when you first walk in to the right.
The cabinet is filled with supplies along with
the plastic draws to the left. 
Then my table to craft on.

The North side of the building is my sewing area.

 This is the main wall of the building.
I put shelves up to house all my supplies.
Under the shelves is another craft table
for me to work on. At the end of that table 
is where my craft computer will be set up.

This shelf holds all my paint supplies for redoing
furniture or anything I can get my hands on
to spray paint. 

Under the main craft table, I keep all my pretty papers.

I also wanted to show you my bubble gum machine
that I picked up at a garage sale for $5.00.
And yes, it works, so I'm going to fill it with
lots of bubble gum. I just love this thing.

I hope you enjoyed seeing my craft room.
As I go along, I know I will be moving things
around to suit me.

I am so blessed that my husband was tired of seeing,
what he calls my crap, all over the house that he
got me this building to call my studio.

Hope everyone has a great week,
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Chris-aka-ChatterScene said...

Love your room! Hope all is well. Miss seeing your posts come through my feeder.

Nissa said...

Love your room, I'm in the process of organizing mine but I get side tracked by all my shiny beads!! I would love it if you stopped by!!


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